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Toothbrush That Cleans Teeth In Just 6 Seconds

All the teeth are perfectly clean by just 6 seconds with this latest perfectly applied bass technique. You can just bite and chew a bit. It also includes dental floss and a tongue-filter.

Brushing teeth is a work that is intended to take only four minutes a day, but even that can feel like a burden.

Now a company has a 3D toothbrush to the teeth of a person who promises a deep cleaning in just six seconds. The Blizzident does not seem a traditional toothbrush - in fact, it looks like a mouth guard. Instead of the brush, the device is placed on the tooth surface and the user bites on the device. The unit itself is made ​​of plastic and contains 400 soft bristles and gaps for flossing.

The bristles are soft and thin, besides being of your teeth tailored to brush along the gum line at a 45 degree angle so that users brushing teeth biting and grinding for about six seconds.

Bite the brush with what dentists call the technique 'bass changed, “users clean the gingival sulcus - the space below the gum line - particularly” thoroughly clean all other surfaces, "according to the business.

To clean teeth thoroughly, a user must bite and quickly release the device 10 to 15 times, creating a “vibrant, shaking up, down and slightly surround movements, according to the company.

Result is easy to achieve using the device to measure, but it is difficult to control with conventional portable brush.

Users should also use Blizzident cringe with their closed with a brush using the technique of “OFAE “to clean the top surface of their molars mouth, the company said.

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