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Tiny Electric Toothbrush For Babies Unveiled

Brush-Baby a UK located specialist in dental care products for children, have unveiled the BABYSONIC toothbrush-the smallest electric brush available today.

The brush has been designed for even new borns, with an age bracket of 0-3 years of age. The brush is no bigger than a little finger nail and has been designed with soft bristles to ensure the comfort of the child’s mouth. The head movement has also been designed with babies in mind, and vibrates rather than spins to ensure that no unnecessary pressure is created.

The brush weighs 36 grams and can be found online and at Sainsbury’s, Mothercare, Waitrose and Boots for the retail price of £8.99. The brush runs on an AAA battery, with an extra brush head included.

A recent survey of the ‘MailOnline’ found that around 50% of England’s children suffer from rotten teeth and other oral health problems, linked to poor diets, sugar filled drinks, snacking and infrequent dental health checkups. Brush-Baby hope to encourage parents to begin and continue with good oral health habits for their children, to prevent further higher estimations of tooth decay in children in the future.

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