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How much do dental implant procedures cost and what do I need to know?


So, you want to replace a missing tooth? It may seem as simple as installing an artificial tooth in place of the decayed or lost ones and while that may be the right solution, it is not as simple as it appears. After the loss of a tooth, the root in the jawbone starts to wither and will degrade away. Thus, a dentist may not be able to attach an artificial tooth directly to the jawbone if the root is no longer there. In cases like this, a base will need to be attached first. Depending on the conditions specific to every patient, how much a dental implant costs will differ.

There are 2 main kinds of dental implant procedures, however each type has many varieties. We will focus first on what the two main types are and then we will explore their respective costs in various countries and any additional expenses you may encounter.

The two main types are:

Endosteal implants

What this means is that the dental implant procedure involves drilling surgically into the jawbone which helps to prevent the artificial teeth from being shaken and falling out. Therefore, these implants lie completely within the jawbone, well beneath the gums. Generally, the base is a titanium screw, whilst the visible portion resembles that of your natural teeth.

The first step is the implantation of the screw and a cylinder onto which the rest of implant will be attached. This is normally done 4 – 6 weeks before the abutment and crown are added to complete the procedure. This is done to ensure that the bone and screw fully bond before the next steps are taken.

After it has bonded to the jawbone and the gums have healed, the surgeon will perform a secondary dental implant procedure that connects a post to the original implant. This then acts as the support for the artificial tooth which is added to finish the process.

The Endosteal method is designed to mimic the positioning of a natural root and tends to be more secure than the second method. Unlike dentures, adhesives such as glue are not needed.

Subperiosteal implants

The Subperiosteal are not inserted into the jawbone itself. For this type of implant, a metal structure is secured firmly on the bone; however, the structure lies underneath the gum line. There is a need for metal posts here as well, and they typically project outwards over the gum line via the metal frame.

The dentist might recommend the subperiosteal method when the patient’s jawbone is not sufficiently wide to hold endosteal implants. For aSubperiosteal dental implant cost can be high because they need to be customized regarding the height and width of the patient’s bone relative to the teeth. This is to make sure that the dimensions of the artificial tooth are appropriate for the patient.

Which kind of dental implant procedure is appropriate for you?

You should decide this with the help of your dentist, however there’re some general factors that are considered when deciding this. Typically, going the endosteal route might be most appropriate if your tooth loss occurred recently and you have healthy gums. However, if your tooth loss did not occur recently and your jaw bone is no longer healthy, then a subperiosteal implant might be more appropriate. The Subperiosteal method is better suited for individuals who need to replace multiple teeth or individuals whose teeth have been damaged by smoking and other agents.

So how much do dental implants cost?

Like most medical treatment, dental implant costs will be higher in developed countries with higher requirements on medical training and qualification. In addition to the locale, how much the procedure will actually cost will be affected by material fees and how many ancillary procedures are required.

The breakdown of the billable items for a dental implant procedure:

1. The implant itself
2. The abutment
3. The crown
4. Doctor’s fees
5. Materials and Medicine fees

Based on the above information we can compile a list of the average of whatsingle dental implant costs with no additional fees in different countries:

1. United States - $3000 - $5000
2. Canada - $3000 - $5000
3. Australia $3000 - $5000
4. United Kingdom - $2500 - $4000
5. Spain - $2000 - $3200
6. Italy - $1300 - $2200
7. Mexico - $700 - $1700
8. Poland - $500 - $1200
9. Hungary - $500 - $1000
10. Costa Rica - $600 - $900
11. Romania - $500 - $900
12. India - $400 - $1000

Depending on the current state of your teeth and jaws, additional ancillary procedures may be required:

1. Bone Grafts
2. Extractions
3. X-rays
4. CT Scans
5. Anaesthesiologist if required

Again, it is difficult to budget for a dental implant procedure before knowing exactly what items will need to be included, so it is important to investigate possile additional costs before you go through with the treatment. This way you will avoid any unnecessary surprises.

Tips for reducing costs

1. If you are travelling a long distance to receive treatment, you can avoid a second trip by selecting a facility that offers in room CAD/CAM. This allows the dentist to create a scan of your mouth and create the implant using a 3D printer. In many cases the whole process can take a single day. While this generally costs more than the standard dental implant procedure, it may be offset by the removal of travel costs for a return visit.
2. Remember that in many countries, negotiating prior to receiving treatment is perfectly acceptable. In fact, even in western countries it is not uncommon for discounts to given when doing multiple implants at the same time.
3. Understand the difference between resin, porcelain and ceramic crowns and how they fit our budgetary needs. While resin crowns are less expensive, they are far less durable and tend to look less natural than the other two options. While using a resin crown may save you money in the short term, it is likely that over many years you will end up spending more in order to restore or repeat the process.

Looking for more information about dental implant costs? Search our site to find Provider Pages with detailed information from thousands of hospitals and clinics around the world. Worried about the dental implant procedure itself? HospitalHippo is not a booking platform which means that you can contact the Providers directly and discuss your concerns with them. Alternatively, you may be able to find special offers on a specific Provider Page’s feed along with lots of other posts published by them including articles, events, news and more.

Author: Eliza Logue

Source: http://hospitalhippo.com/HospitalHippo-Highlights/article/how-much-do-dental-implant-procedures-cost-and-what-do-i-need-to-know


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