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Since the establishment of Dentium Co., Ltd. in Korea in June 2000, we have been manufacturing high quality dental implant products. In collaboration with leading clinicians, research institutes, and universities, the Dentium R&D center has developed a series of state-of-the?art dental implant systems, with a focus on efficiency. Our systems, including fixtures, surgical components, prosthetic components, and synthetic bone grafting materials, assist our customers in performing quick, accurate, and esthetic dental implantation.

In our 10 years of business, we have received positive customer feedback, primarily in marginal bone response, from our customers worldwide. Also the clinical reports and studies, regarding our products, have shown higher documented success rates. As evidence of our quest for providing the highest quality products, we have attained ISO1345 and CE certification. We have also met the good manufacturing standards (GMP) set forth by many countries worldwide, including the United States FDA. We continue to strive to improve our products and services to attain our goal of providing the ultimate satisfaction to our customers and their patients.

We are committed to the ongoing education of dental professionals worldwide. This commitment is evident by the comprehensive education & training program via the Dentium Institute in Korea and local Dentium sponsored educational events in many countries throughout the world. Our ultimate event, Annual Dentium Symposium and Annual Clinical Case Presentation events have been attended by dental professionals from around the globe and serve as our benchmark educational events.

In addition to our ever popular line of implant products, we entered the world of bone grafting and regeneration. The bio materials line includes bone graft material, membrane, and growth factor and tissue engineering products based on our extensive research and development. The bio materials line is proof that we are continuously seeking ways to enhance our product line and services in order to assist the dental professional in providing their patients with a beautiful and healthy smile.

We would appreciate your ongoing feedback as this will assist us in providing you with the highest level of service in the future.


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